Über eine Gruppe im Studivz bin ich auf diese überaus lustige Seite gestoßen.

Zuerst wird das Problem geschildert:

Ever get the feeling that vegetarians consider themselves morally superior to you? Like they think that not eating meat makes them so special that their shit doesn’t stink? As if when someone stops eating meat, they suddenly become holy and dignified and it excuses them for the years of inconvenience and frustration they inevitably inflict upon their friends, family and co-workers who just want to go to a restaurant and order a damn steak without constantly being reminded that they’re going to hell for eating an animal that spends most of its life shitting in a field.

Oh ja, das kenne ich. Aber was soll man dagegen machen? Die Antwort ist einfach: Vegetarier-Sponsoring!

What does it mean to sponsor a vegetarian? It means that you have to find someone in your life who’s a really big pain in everyone’s ass every time you want to go out to eat, and then you commit yourself to eating THREE times the amount of meat you’d normally consume to make up for all the meat that your vegetarian buddy isn’t eating. It’s that simple! That way, you can reverse the guilt trip that they’ve been laying on us for years by not only neutralizing their cause, but making it actually worse by eating more animals than would have ever been eaten had they not chosen to become vegetarians!

Diese Idee ist genial, man schlägt zwei Fliegen mit einer Klappe! Jetzt muss ich nur noch einen Vegetarier finden, den ich sponsorn kann!

Und vielleicht organisiere ich mir auch so ein T-Shirt, auf dem steht „For every animal you don’t eat, i’m going to eat three!“.

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